I have been meaning to write a blog post for an awfully long time, but it has blocked me for so many reasons. There are many reasons I stopped writing. I find different excuses for not doing it. Lazy. Busy. Afraid that contents I write may not be good enough. I feel my English is not good enough. So much more. No one will read it, why write?


But then the more I think about it, the more I realised that I spend a lot of time in my day writing. Whether that’s writing an email, chats, creating documentations, or even programming. The fundamental problem I have is that I’m not as confident in writing as I am in public speaking. You can ask me to present to hundreds or thousands of audience, but writing for people I don’t know or may not exist - there’s just too much pressure on it. I need to work on this fear.

I have always wanted to share my thoughts about things. There are many things I want to say. There are many things to write about: Reaction to this current pandemic; How fatherhood is treating me; The things I like; The things I hate; Things that I learn outside of work (and technology); Write a poem or letter.

For the past years, I or for the most of us, we have been living in a digital consumerism era. We just keep consuming content, and we don’t really do anything about it. We don’t discuss it; we don’t talk about it. We just watch or read it - full stop.

I need a space on the internet that I can say is mine. No ads. No promotions. No walled garden platform. I own this place: the domain, the content, the infrastructure that runs it. I have the absolute freedom to put whatever I want or think. I want to be in control of my digital life, the content I consume, the content I share, and the consequences of doing so.

All the tools needed in writing and sharing content are there. You’ll just have to start somewhere. There is an art and beauty in creating authentic content - just like any other industry or discipline. All we just need is to spend time and effort on it.

One thing I’ve learned through the books I’ve read in the past years, time is always the most valuable asset. Not money or career success, but time. Having the notion you have control of your time and have the freedom on where to spend it. I want to spend a lot of time writing and I am doing it now.