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Joining or starting a start-up is not as simple as it could be. There are a lot of complexity involved. From finding and partnering with the right set of people, to creating and building the actual product. This is a very competitive space and would require a lot of energy, passion, and attention. Unlike a side-project that you can just run, a startup requires focus and product market fit. If you have the time, energy, and resources I would advise for you t o give it a try. If you’re only going to do it half-heartedly, then it’s best not to proceed.

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Michael is an experienced technologist based in Sydney, Australia, a Microsoft MVP since 2015 with over 12 years of working experience ranging from Mobile, Cloud, Web and DevOps. He currently owns Datachain Consulting, a company that focuses on democratizing AI and Blockchain technologies. He is also a technical advisor to some technology startups. His roles allow him to explore the cutting edge technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Edge Computing, and the Cloud.