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Community is a place where you find people with similar interests or profession. I’ve been involved with the tech community for a decade now, and I still love meeting new people and talk about ideas, problems, and solutions about tech! I present to these community groups from time to time, and would continue doing it for the years to come. It’s because of the community, that I get to progress in my career. I learned a lot from the people around and I also learned as part of sharing my knowledge and experience to them.

These days, it’s all virtual and I didn’t particularly like this medium. I’m having the “zoom fatigue” effect lately, when all the interactions are abstracted into virtual communications. If the idea is to consume a resource or knowledge material, sure doing it virtual is appropriate - given you can skip and fast forward contents. But if we’re looking at interactions and engagement, it’s really hard to feel it these days with an online presence. I think this is the new normal, and the future would need to cater both in-person and virtual events. However, the spirit of community and knowledge sharing is this what matters.

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Michael is an experienced technologist based in Sydney, Australia, a Microsoft MVP since 2015 with over 12 years of working experience ranging from Mobile, Cloud, Web and DevOps. He currently owns Datachain Consulting, a company that focuses on democratizing AI and Blockchain technologies. He is also a technical advisor to some technology startups. His roles allow him to explore the cutting edge technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Edge Computing, and the Cloud.