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Trust is a currency that is both common and unique to humanity. Before currencies came to life, we use trust as the means of transaction. Even until now, with all the cryptocurrencies and related technologies, it’s still Trust that we are trying to bridge the gap. These technologies just advance the automation and the “skunk work” from an operations stand point, but the actual entity who represents it cannot be replaced with an AI (or at least far from it right now).

That is why even with the advancement of technology such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Blockchain, we as human, still want to trust a person or an entity. That’s why brand loyalty still counts a lot. We’re all funny creature, and we’re all attracted to different shiny things in life. At its core, trust gives us all the promise of experience and plausible happiness in life. That is why, whenever a relationship whether personal or business is damaged, it’s very hard to reconcile. The trust of that experience or happiness is now gone.

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