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Sometimes we experience a state of “mental block”. It’s when we can’t think creatively or logically to solve a specific problem. This happens for a lot of reasons such as lack of energy, hunger, distraction, and lack of comprehension to the subject matter.

Whenever I get stuck with a problem, I leave it on a state when I can resume it later on. That means I have to make sure I capture all the important notes about it before I leave. I then move on to either a different task or take a long break.

Funny enough, sometimes you will have the answers at the weirdest of time such as while in the toilet, first thing you think in the morning, or when someone says something and you connect the dots. Sometimes the answer is actually obvious, and you just needed rest or undivided attention.

So when next time you experience a mental block, do this: make all the necessary notes, take a rest or pivot to different task, then come back to it later on.

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