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There are so many things you can talk about, friendship. I would like to focus on the benefits and the positive side of it, rather than the downside. There are reasons you would want to have friends or be friend with someone. Well, for one, we survived as species by having a collection of like-minded people - aka tribes. Although not all the members of the tribe can be your friend, you accept someone else to be part of your life - and vice versa.

I think the essence of friendship is to be more than yourself. It’s the acknowledgement from within that you’re not alone in this world, and world doesn’t revolve just around you. Having friends means sharing some common interests, goals, passions, and many more. Sometimes friendship is simply just because you understand each other - no questions asked.

The superb ones are those who stick with you unconditionally and will be in the test of time. It’s not bounded by a contract, work, or any selfish act that both parties should benefit. As we keep on saying, giving more, we get more - that is really true in real and genuine friendship. In your life, it’s about the company and experiences that you share with those people, rather than what they can really offer to you. That is friendship.

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