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Losing weight is actually very simple. You’ll literally just have to eat less. It’s that simple. Then, of course, losing weight does not really equate to being healthy. You can lose weight by cutting a lot of sugar and carbs in few weeks or months, then eventually succumb back to old habits. Well, you’ve achieved your goal of “losing weight”, but you see… you didn’t develop a lifestyle of being healthy.

Being healthy means a lot of things. There is the weight aspect of it that relates to chronic diseases like diabetes and heart failures. There are also factors like stress and genetics that directly contribute to your health. To put it simply, it’s like playing “whack a mole” when you say that you want to be healthy. My opinion on this right now is to follow a routine or system that allows you to be consistent with your eating habits, exercises, and athletic goals.

I don’t follow a lot of sports and athleticism culture. I adore though people who are focused and have developed good habits about their health system. Those who have a good balance of what really matters on them. I think a true measurement of a healthy person is on how much they are fulfilling their relative potential by following systems and routines that enable those outcomes.

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