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Watching movies is my hobby. It’s been like that since I was young. I think it all began when I was so fascinated with advanced graphic designs of things. The likes of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are just so immersive during those times that I really felt the action and depth of the stories. I’ve probably watched like a lot of movies. Back when cinemas were still a thing, I would always like to watch expected movies on its first week of release. There is just so much excitement at having to watch those films and immerse to the story.

In my college years until now, the franchise of Marvel Cinematic Universe and the whole superhero genre occupied everyone’s attention. There is just so much to explore and so much you can think of. I’ve watched movies with my family, my friends, and pretty much everyone. It’s a culture that I think almost anywhere in the world, people do.

It’s now something I do and share the experience with my wife. We watch movies and actually immerse to the story line and plot. We want to watch something together that both of us can actually enjoy. Good thing, she’s also in to action and fantasy movies! I watch many movies, including drama and thrillers. The only regret that I wish I did when I watched movies back then was to write a reaction to it. Even a sentence or two should be enough.

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