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Having a clean desk is something I aspire to every now and then. I’ve been trying to find different ways to have an optimise working environment for my creative and logical output (programming and presenting). When my desk is clean and in order, that’s when I get to have a lot of things done. The less I see, the more output I provide.

That’s why these days, when I don’t need something, I put it in my bad. Those mobile devices for testing? In my bad. Wallet, glasses, gift cards, keys, chargers, coins, and what not - all in my bag. And when I need them, I attempt to pick them up again. If it’s not something that you need, better if it’s not around you. That is my definition of clean. Dusts are fine and inks, but clean means nothing that distracts you.

I aspire to have a lot of things done in a day, and having a clean desk is a way to set up my environment for success. Just like having the right specifications for a car, the journey will be great. However, other days are not perfect as I get distracted or I am in a state of flow that I don’t notice them at all. Well, in retrospect, that’s actually a good thing.

So clean desk is an environment that lets me be focused and in flow.

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