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Organising my calendar has been my system since I was in college. It means a lot to me when I know that it’s in my outlook calendar. It’s like saying you’re going to credit a portion of your life to do something at that specific point in time. This allows me to plan and prioritise ahead on what’s really important.

Right now, I have around 5 calendars: 1 for Personal & Family event, 1 for health like running schedules and meal plans, 1 for my consulting business, 1 for my startup venture, and the other 1 for my long-term contract client. It’s nice to have modern technologies that allow you to visualise things clearly or as we say it “at a glance.”

These days, I make sure that I plan for the week. I do this planning on Sundays. If I need time to “code” or build something, I schedule it. I don’t do it from the little tiny window of non-meetings throughout the day. If something is important to you, book it in your calendar!

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