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Coffee has been a big part of my life for the past decade. For obvious reasons like keeping me wake up at night doing some work, to making sure I’m well energized in the morning. There was a period in my life that I was probably close to drinking 6 shots a day, but I already gave up that lifestyle.

I have learned to tone down with it, because I already realized my limit on energy. Instead of pushing myself every night to go further, I focus on the most impactful activities instead of the day. I was in an illusion in the past that I have unlimited energy, motivation, and the passion will just keep me going. I’ve had a lot of burn outs since then.

Now, I set a rule that I won’t be drinking any caffeinated drinks after 01:00 PM to make sure that I set my body up for resting at night. This transformation was hard, but I could do it through a series of habit exploration. I am drinking more water now and occasionally replacing coffee with tea at night or in the afternoon.

I believe that coffee is amazing and I won’t ever giving up on it, unlike alcohol that I’m already having a distant relationship with. But all things should come with moderation.

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