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Anime has been a big part of my childhood. The young me have watched, read, and played various anime media content. I was so hooked on it back in the days. I’m always up to date with manga content of One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and all the similar genres. It even helped me cope up with some “teens” problem or, as you know it, the “finding your inner self” kind of thing. It’s also a cultural norm that me and my friends enjoyed across.

I think the big reason I liked it is that it’s still animated but not childish enough, like cartoons. There was actually a lot of immersive storyline and characters that made you feel like “you too.” In some regards, it’s also an escape to the reality. In anime, anything is possible. Back then, TV shows and movies weren’t “super immersive” in terms of character development and animation that’s why Anime was really a hit for me. There is no limit on what the creator or artist can do, and no limitation on actors and actresses.

I still watch some anime here and there, but not as invested as I used to be. Right now, it’s just a general content I watch just to pass by the time or for me to fall asleep. Maybe in the future I’ll go back to being hooked with Anime, but not right now.

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