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When I was younger, I thought that you have an unlimited number of energy in a day. You can do school, play games, interact with friends & family, do homework, and even dream about what’s going to happen tomorrow. I can still remember my young self, who has the bravado and burning passion that I can always do the extra mile.

Now that I’m an adult, I’ve come to a realisation that your energy in a day is actually very limited. Especially now that all the information and instant pleasures/gratifications are within our reach, we become overwhelmed by where to spend this energy. Awareness of the limits of time is a good wisdom to have. I’ve decided that I will always be selfish with where I put my time in. I should choose wisely where to put my energy on. Not all battles are worth fighting, not all dreams are worth pursuing, not all ideas are worth building, not all relationships are worth cultivating, because your time here is limited - so decide where to spend it wisely.

I still watch some anime here and there, but not as invested as I used to be. Right now, it’s just a general content I watch just to pass by the time or for me to fall asleep. Maybe in the future I’ll go back to being hooked with Anime, but not right now.

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