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Security is such a broad topic but is simple in principle. It’s about protecting something, either that is you, your family, or properties against unwanted scenarios. This applies to a lot of different domains such as in physical properties like your home and workplace, and as well as in your digital life, such as computers, software, banking systems, and so on.

Depending on which domain, there are also different levels and approaches to security. Most of the time, the security aspect of things are concentrated on people’s malicious intents. These intents are mostly around theft, privacy, and exploits. As we say, there is no perfect system. You can only protect what you know and currently understand. That’s why it’s important to invest in it proactively.

Throughout the years, this space has developed because the different level of threats and techniques in breaking barriers are also growing. This is a never-ending cycle as things progress throughout the years. There will be more exploits or hacking that will happen, and more security standards and protocols will be applied. We will continuously learn from this cycle.

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