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Grief is one of the most difficult feeling in this world. This is probably the most painful emotional response to what’s happening in your world. In my opinion, when this happens to you, it challenges all of your pre-conceived knowledge and beliefs in life. You question about everything: from science, philosophy, behaviour, religion, and so on. You get in to a dark place in a rabbit hole of questions. You contemplate about the meaning of life, and what is your purpose in this world. This is a moment when you reflect what is really important to you; who are the ones you should spend more time with. Some people choose to ignore this feeling while some cries and let go. What I’ve learned so far from these experiences is that, it is important to grief and accept this feeling, but also take a more positive outlook in life moving forward. Cherish the memories you had with that someone, learn from it, evolve from it… slowly or in a pace that you see fit. You don’t have to worry what others would say or comment on to you, grieving is a personal process that you have to go through. Take your time to process it, but understand that you need to figure out how to move forward from this.

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