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All things that need to be built have some sort of “master plan.” When you’re building a house or a building, you have a reference point of what it would look like in a design document. It’s good to have this, because the effort and cost of constructing projects would be costly. It’s good to have a plan early on.

Now that I’m reflecting about it in the Software and IT industry, we don’t use that much “Master Document” anymore, since projects and products constantly develop. Unlike houses, it’s very unlikely that the house will change within a few months’ time. In Software, you do increments, patches, and enhancements from time to time.

In the future, I think we might still have a concept of “master plan” or at least a version 1 of a design. As the product or object strengthens, so is the design document. It should be constantly improved. For minor projects, you don’t have to have a very elaborate design, but having a design is better than not having one at all!

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