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Collaborating using share screen is fun. I think this is the modern way of doing pair-programming. This is a very efficient method for both people to learn, share ideas, and collaborate. I recently have done it, and I would guarantee that we’ve done more work together than doing things separately. It’s very important, especially if you’re at the early phase of the project, to foster collaboration. The underlying foundations of the work that you’re doing are very critical in the beginning.

Given the chance, I would always want to do this with people so that I can scale myself when getting involved with a lot of different things. This will allow me to be invisible in the future and the project and program would still go on. This approach would also allow me to improve on my technical skills while having someone who will be my accountability partner.

Unfortunately, it’s not something that people still adapt today for a lot of reasons. There are insecurities in terms of personalities and fear of mistakes. I think of your career, overcome those insecurities in life. Pair programming is fun. We don’t know everything, no one does. It’s important to share goals and objectives and create value together! Also, it’s fun as this cultivates friendship too!

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