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There is no going back to normal. It took me a while to get it, but that is the sad and harsh truth. Our lives have changed in the past two years, that I can’t actually imagine how “normal” will actually look like. I know it’s depressing. Even for a very optimistic like me, I am still getting the toll of the lockdowns, the COVID-19 news. It’s a lot of emotions to take in once you get succumb to social media and the news, it’s like the world is just ending. I’m just living in the bubble of my house, my remote work, and digital footprint (social media and television).

We need to move forward from this. I know it’s a tough situation to crack. I don’t have the right background in terms of health, economy, or politics to figure out how we can really solve these. One thing I’m just sure of is we have to work together for this to happen. Whether it’s about following safety protocols, getting vaccinated, and just respecting others. We will have a better world after we overcome this. I miss a lot of the tech conferences, the meet-ups, the out of country trips, and meeting different type of people. I need to keep dreaming that better days will come, because if people don’t then we’ve already lost.

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