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I don’t really consider myself as a hardcore gamer. At least right now. I’ve always been a casual gamer, where I enjoyed it the most when I’m playing with friends or trying to immerse with the story. Gone are the days where I have spent countless hours of my life just trying to “level-up” on a game and increase a virtual attribute of my character. There’s just so much else to work on instead. I’m lucky that from time to time, such as one long breaks in December, I get to play those casual games. I usually finish 2 to 3 adventure games during those times. Those are the times when I really break my body clock. It feels well deserved and fulfilling.

I enjoy a different lifestyle right now with business, technology, and family as more of the drivers of my endorphins or “high.” It’s really fascinating to immerse in code and business problem to tackle on than games / puzzles right now. I play a lot with my kid and I really enjoy them. But the “play” and the “toys” aspect of it are a just medium for me to connect with him or teach him skills.

Maybe when I retire or grow old, I spend a lot of time gaming again. But for now, it’s just a holiday leisure.

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