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Cleaning as a concept is very foreign to me until I became fully independent in life. I didn’t really understand back then the reason I should clean anything. The problem was, someone else has always been doing it for me. I don’t see the value of doing it, or I have some pride about someone else should do it. A chore is something that is coined as “free work” hence, I don’t get incentivised in doing it. To be honest, I think I was spoiled. I should have known better back then.

However, these past few years, I actually developed some habits of cleaning here and there. As I spend most of my time in a day in front of devices, cleaning is actually a form of healthy distraction on my end. I enjoy washing dishes these days, because I get to relax my mind and feel the plates more thoroughly. I enjoy doing vacuum cleaning, as it’s just soothing to see dirt get sucked in. I enjoy getting things in order now, and seeing more tangible progress directly from my actions. It’s like seeing outcomes instantly, just like how you get gratifications from scrolling your news feed. These days, I would consider cleaning as a break or, to a point, meditating as an experience.

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