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Writing every day is one of my goals for this year. I think I’m doing really well on that front. Obviously there are days I wasn’t able to write about because of various reasons such as being on a holiday or focusing on other activities, but the habit is there and well developed already. I keep a journal of what’s on my head and what I’m feeling, as this is the only way to make myself sane at this pandemic. The idea of suppressing all of those thoughts and questions in your head is just making me crazy.

Having to write every day also allows me to reflect on how the day has been. This is something that is important right now because, being in lockdown, you feel you’re just running a never-ending treadmill - like a rinse and repeat days. I would recommend writing to anyone as this allows you to create treasure in life that you can always travel back to. Feeling down today? Why not read something that you wrote when you were thrilled.

Write not for someone, obviously not for everyone, to be pleased. Write because it’s for you. Write because something is important to you. Write because you care deeply about the subject. Write “just because.”

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