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I’ve been contemplating for a while now if I want to pursue creating videos for [[YouTube]] and [[Facebook]]. I have a lot of ideas on various topics, such as from creating video tutorials, to talk about life and my family. One thing that I want to cover in my personal career is the things that I’m working on in the AI, IoT and Edge space. I am thinking of doing some live streaming of learning from [[Microsoft Learn]] as well as from other source material such as [[Ethereum]].

My wife and I are also discussing creating a channel for my kid and his journey with [[Autism]]. There are also a lot of things to talk about, such as my move from Philippines to Australia. My career as a software engineer. The various topics of family and friendship. There is no scarcity of idea and content to build on. The biggest challenge is the time right now. I know that this will involve a lot of editing, marketing, and refinement to be successful in it.

I’ll have to sleep more in to it, but I think I would start something soon. Maybe let me do all of them on different channels? Me doing technology topics as a separate channel. Then a separate channel for our family and hobbies. Then another channel for my learning? We’ll see.

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