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I consider myself as a self-managed individual in terms of career and lifestyle. It occurred to me I don’t want anyone to manage “me” personally in order to perform tasks and deliver results. This is not to be confused about having a project manager or coordinators I work with - most of them are outstanding. What I’m talking about are those who want to tell me how I should work or what I need to do. I have unlocked the side of my brain to think creatively and logically to align with business goals.

To an extent, I am also a project manager and coordinator. I give people technical directions about capabilities and what can be done. There are a lot of things to look at in terms of deliverables in a project, and communication is key. I would argue that I am an excellent communicator and I can deliver outstanding technical results too. What I lack right now are the sales chops to do the actual sales pitch and sell business commercials. That is something I am still learning and working on right now.

On an ideal day, I spend a portion of my morning and night time doing “deep technical work” like getting my hands dirty with coding and architecture diagrams. In the afternoon, I attend meetings and talk to people to collaborate; sometimes I also present. Then late afternoon to night time is family time. That is a good balance that works for me right now.

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