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Microsoft has been a big part of my career even until today. I don’t even know where to start my Microsoft journey. Maybe when I was a kid using a Windows PC Pentium 1? It was really when until I was around 17 when I got hooked because of being part of the [[Microsoft Student Partners]] program and got exposed to many people that I really liked. Obviously, there were also some inspirations with Bill Gates and Satya Nadella at my end.

I had my internship in Microsoft when I was a teenager. In my professional career, I have worked with a bunch of Microsoft focused consulting companies. I even started companies that are focused on them. I am a Microsoft MVP. I talk and share a lot about Microsoft technologies. I’ve also worked a lot with Microsoft people in APAC and ANZ. It’s all a small world for me right now. The Microsoft space is so wide that there are just so many product groups and people involved.

The only thing I haven’t done is to work there as a full-time employee. I don’t think it’s the right fit right now. I am happy being from the outside but leveraging the partnerships and knowledge that I got. I enjoy working with the people in there, but not yet really looking into working inside. Time will tell.

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Michael is an experienced technologist based in Sydney, Australia, a Microsoft MVP since 2015 with over 12 years of working experience ranging from Mobile, Cloud, Web and DevOps. He currently owns Datachain Consulting, a company that focuses on democratizing AI and Blockchain technologies. He is also a technical advisor to some technology startups. His roles allow him to explore the cutting edge technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Edge Computing, and the Cloud.