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I like sunsets. It means a lot to me metaphorically. Romantically, I enjoyed seeing sunsets with my wife. There was this one time at a beach in the Philippines when we were riding a boat and we just looked at how beautiful the sunset was. That day is something I won’t ever forget.

The transition of day and night is fascinating because it gives you a clear boundary that you need to “change a state” from one to another. Whether that’s school/work and you have to go home. This could also mean that things are about to shut down now, and you have few more hours left for the day.

When it’s nighttime, it’s usually a moment to reflect to end the day and do things that are more relaxed and more intimate with the surrounding people. It’s a flip from doing day jobs into being with your family again. Obviously, across the day, I get pockets of time with my family that I reflect on and cherish as well.

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