Chasing Success

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Don’t chase success, aim progress. It took me a while to get it, but that’s the reason I don’t feel excited or joyous anymore after achieving or hitting a milestone. The actual gold is the process and the experience that you get as part of achieving micro-goals. As we keep on saying, it’s about the journey and not the destination.

The problem I faced back in the day is that I thought I will just randomly feel the “motivation” hit or light bulb moment to be inspired to do something really special. What actually happens is the opposite. When I have to work hard on to something and I have to do small increments on a daily or weekly basis, that’s when I deliver more impact. It’s about those battles that make you a hero, not winning the war.

The best lesson I’ve learned so far in life is that In order to be successful, you really just have to enjoy the long and boring process. Improve each day. Learn new things each day. Make better decisions each day. The person who can call themselves successful are not the rabbits who chased the carrot and will starve tomorrow, but the eagles who keep flying and hunting, every single day.

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