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Reading is the most immersive and informative way of understanding a topic or subject. Although this takes a lot of time and effort, especially when you’re just beginning with your journey as a reader, it will be a fun and fulfilling activity to take daily. There is so much you can learn everyday just by reading. It will help you a lot in your career if you learn “how to learn”; and reading effectively is one principle that you have to understand and practice too.

The problems that most people had is that they wanted “to read a book” and not “become a reader” and there is a big difference. Reading should be a lifestyle of choice, rather than a medium to consume just a specific topic. It’s unfortunate that less and fewer people are inclined in to reading, because of the abundance of short-lived social media contents. It takes a lot of time for an author to publish a book, with very little monetary return on their end. So consuming that content that took them months or even years of hard work is such an excellent investment on its own.

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