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I like planning for the week ahead. It’s something I realised that is so effective in my line of work. If I don’t plan my schedule well, I will just be reactive of things and won’t have any focus. This usually leads to not being productive and a lot of demotivation. Although in the ideal world, things won’t go wrong and your schedule will just work - obviously that’s not the reality. It’s probably a balance of trying to achieve at least 80% of what you planned and sacrificing 20% that are not really that much of a priority to you. I spend an hour or two of my weekend just to reflect on the past week, and plan for the week ahead.

On a high level, I like having 1 to 3 key deliverables for a day and will only work on that one, the rest are just “burners” or extras. Ideally in a day, the things that I really like doing, I should have finished them in the morning so that the rest of the afternoon and night are spent on things that are more geared towards your interests such as family time, hobbies, and other not so heavy mental work.

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