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Plants, plants, plants - and more plants. My wife is really into plants and I support her on to that one. We probably have a hundred plants right now at home, and that’s alright. I let her have that hobby and ownership of these cute little (and not so little) objects in our house. There will never be enough plants in our lives. They actually give good aesthetics to our place and makes it more breathable.

It’s one of those things that I’ve just developed an appreciation of but not really willing to commit on working / maintaining it. It’s not that I’m already busy or have a hundred things I’d rather do, but it’s just something that I didn’t really like doing. The process is very important in order to have meaningful outcome, and I don’t like the process of cultivating plants. I’m a supportive husband in a way that I don’t mind having “a lot of it” and willing to drive her distances just to have the right ones.

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