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Retirement is a topic that I haven’t really figured out that much yet. I just know two fundamental things that would apply to me:

  1. I need to set up a goal in terms of age or years where I should be “financially” independent.
  2. I need to find other things to do that are meaningful come that time.

On the first topic of financial independence. What that means is that I don’t have to “work” in order to live like getting food or shelter. Of course you can really never be certain in life, as there might be some emergencies that will emerge as part of it. I would just like to make sure that there isn’t that “financial hardship.” However, there’s also a balance of expecting what type of lifestyle can you really have at that point in time.

The second one comes in to doing things that you still love, but doesn’t really translate into work that are outside of your ideals. This is probably a harder one. If you’ve spent decades of your life in to something, then it’s gonna be tough to pivot in to something else. On top of my mind right now, I want to be a full time househusband who enjoys spending time at home improvements and family.

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