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A productive and “good” day can be ruined almost instantly before the day ends. It’s very important to set the night right in order for the next day to be meaningful and well energised. I find it troublesome to deal with if I have issues from the night before such as family and work problems. It bothers me a lot, even on the next day. This feeling is just soul crashing as if you’re not really in control of your own emotions and body.

It’s hard when you have to conform with your own opinions and personality about a topic that bothers you versus applying certain mental models that can solve that specific problem. You’ll be in conflict as if there are multiple personalities living inside you. When this happens, I think the best course of action is “movement” and just keep doing your routines. Get your shit together first by being in motion, then figure out how to deal with these as you go along. Maybe it’s just as simple as talking about it with someone, maybe it’s all in your head, maybe it will fade away soon.

Whatever it is, just keep going, my friend. What you’re feeling is normal, and life still goes on.

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