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Server networking and maintenance are the things I didn’t particularly like when I was younger. I really did like programming, coding, and general solutions architecture but I never really liked getting my hands dirty with server operations. Inevitably, it’s one of those things in life that you must have no matter what when working on a solution.

I actually ended up being good at it. I’m now maintaining couple of dozen of servers, infrastructure pipeline, containers & kubernetes, and different network security groups. I’ve actually seen the benefits of having a robust infrastructure and being the person who executes and maintains them. There is a spike of dophamine when you get things in order and balanced.`

I guess, in life you’ll just have to be open-minded and always encourage new learnings and information as you learn them. Never “hate” a topic or curse it, because it will one way or the other find its way back to you. Learn to be “antifragile” with all these chaos of information and knowledge all around you. A wise person will find a way to make use of any knowledge he/she has.

Be a lifelong learner.

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