Time Zones

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The concept of time zones are amazing and funny at the same time. It’s interesting to know that the other side of the world would be sleeping while you’re awake. The weather differences are also interesting concepts. In this world where you can never have enough hours in a day, where you spend those times are increasingly becoming challenging.

In this “very connected” world, it’s now hard to find the optimal time to work with peers all over the world. Things are also increasingly becoming asynchronous because of the work that we’re doing are “never done.” It’s just changing from one state to the other, and someone else will just pick it up where you left of.

I think in the future, even environments can be simulated and you can choose your own setting or pace depending on your mood and preference. You can literally live the same environment and “time” on the other side of the globe while physically not being there. The concept is fascinating and scary at the same time. Time will tell.

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