Wrong Side of the Bed

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Waking up at the wrong side of the bed. That is a classic saying when it’s early in the morning and people around you notices that you’re not in the best mood as they observe your face. There are days when you wake up feeling sour and unproductive. You don’t feel like doing something productive like working on your goals, writing & journaling, or anything that requires a certain amount of effort to move.

The key is to move and get started somewhere. Just do even the tiniest progress you can do for the goals that you’re setting. Once you’ve propelled yourself to move, the power of inertia kicks in and will get the ball rolling on your mind and body. It’s weird, but that’s just how our body works. There isn’t any magic on being motivated, you’ll just have to do the hard work as part of the process.

Know that the difference between a good and bad day (in your perspective) is something only you can control. It is how you react on certain events and movements. It’s how you plan your actions and focus on what you want to do. So get out there and start moving, you just need that first tiny step of action.

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