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Five minutes seem to a be a lot of time but also too little in the grander scheme of things. You can a bug in a line of code, in few minutes, but it might take you days to solve the real issues around it. All you need is to make sure you try to achieve a very small task in least amount of time possible.

When writing these short snips of “freewriting”, I don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes. It’s just the enough time to get something rolling and at the same time not really get in to the topic for so long. I make sure that I’m focused and undistracted on that time window, so that I’ll know if what I’m writing will eventually be worth pursuing.

The idea of dissecting tasks to a certain amount of time works for me, as this allows me to be wiser with the use of time and resources that I have. Action always propel to something, and 5 minutes is enough to take the first step.

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