Lockdown Fatigue

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Lockdown fatigue is real. At first, I thought that this is something that is just playing on my head that I can eventually overcome. It’s actually way tougher because you’re feeling a bit stuck in where you are. Physically, you can’t go anywhere else and movement makes you feel progress and general freedom.

The problem is that, there is no guarantee on when this will be over, or when things are going to ease up a little. It’s not really about going out or going places, it’s more around the fear set in stone that “you can’t” because there are dire consequences whether that’s safety or penalties. This is affecting my family so much, specially my kid who is seeking for sensory stimulus from outdoor activities.

I am optimistic and very hopeful that things will ease up a little this October 2021, and my kid can go back to school, attend some extracurricular activities like swimming, and I can also go in to places within the region. I miss some weekend drivings or be somewhere elese.

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