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The best advice you can give to someone (or even yourself) is “to become a serial achiever.” Not “to be rich”, “to be successful”, “to be the best X professional”. Most of these are too vague, too shallow, too specific, and most of the time not relatable and practical for the rest of 99% population. Also, continuity is important as this brings you on to “what’s next” after reaching a specific outcome.

Serial achievers are great into many things. Maybe you want to become a successful entrepreneur AND a passionate gamer while being a great husband. Be an author & public speaker while being a supportive parent to your son. Maybe what you want is to become an expert in a specific field/technology and a tri-athlete, while maintaining a successful portfolio of investments. Maybe an accountant who have a successful YouTube channel. A global executive of a multi-national company and an active member of a spiritual community while being a good friend.

Whatever ANDs you choose, something has to give - and that’s fine. You can also keep changing priorities as you reach certain milestones. Note that you can’t have it all, but you can definitely do a lot. And that lot, is enough to live a happy and purposeful life.

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