Meetings - Productivity Killers

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Meetings are one of the killers of productivity. Specially if you have other functions or roles beside attending and organizing meetings. For example, if you’re also a developer or a knowledge person who needs enough focus to get on with a productive and meaningful outcome.

Some meetings are really ideal when there are so many unknowns and we want to collaborate and just get on with it, instead of bouncing on/off with emails and chat. However, in my opinion, it would only make sense if all or most of the attendees are participating. I don’t get the reason of participating in events if I won’t even be talking or what others are talking about doesn’t relate to me.

I am becoming more notorious in missing meetings and all the FYI town halls and events. However, I am also noticing that I’m getting more productive output done, as I don’t get too much distracted with things. I do attend meetings if something is burning, or we’re planning something meaningful and there will be clear actions for everyone right after the event.

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