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Newsletters are fun. It’s a way to consume information that are specific for an audience. I actually subscribe to a bunch of them. It’s my way of getting updated on a topic that interests me, but at the same time, still curated and fact-checked by someone smarter than me in that field.

In the increasingly connected world of social media, we tend to find content that are more fitted to our needs and interests. There is just so much information happening around, and we just don’t have enough time and effort to consume all of them.

I’ve recently started a newsletter for my son, in order to inform different member of the groups about his updates and what’s happening around him. I found it intuitive and interesting enough that made me do it more than just for the numbers. What I’ve learned is that content is king, the medium or platform is just secondary.

I don’t really have much interest in creating my own newsletter yet, as I am still finding my niche in this game. I am considering to really go back to the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, as this topic keeps pulling me back and back again.

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