Money is just an instrument

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Money is just an instrument. It’s a means to get or achieve something. It’s not the reason to live nor should be the cause of break-ups and damaging relationships. We all need money in order to at least get the minimum requirements to live: shelter, food, health, and safety. Anything beyond that is on the “wants” and it’s subjective person to person.

I am at peace of the money that I have and the money that I will own in the future. I am on track to be wealthy by having the right disciplines, principles, and investments in place. I don’t want to live by the day just to earn more money, I want to have enough money so that I don’t have to work on other things that I don’t particularly like.

I want to be in control of my time, which is the most valuable resource. Money is just a means to save time and effort on things that doesn’t matter to me.

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