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Keep producing no matter how hard it gets. As a creative worker who is a programmer & software architect, a business owner, a startup advisor, a writer, an amateur content creator, and a lot more; they all revolve in the digital realm of “you must produce something.”

One thing I make sure I do everyday is I journal all my thoughts and significant events throughout the day. I always make sure I write for at least 15 minutes, every single day - even if I’m not in the mood or it’s a terrible day at work. I am committed to the process, not just seeking the outcome.

You will be measured by how much you get consistent on the things you are really passionate about. There is no such thing as waiting for motivation to strike, progress will just keep you going. Keep creating content, keep writing code, keep researching for the next startup unicorn, keep analysing business problems, only then you will find success.

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Michael is an experienced technologist based in Sydney, Australia, a Microsoft MVP since 2015 with over 12 years of working experience ranging from Mobile, Cloud, Web and DevOps. He currently owns Datachain Consulting, a company that focuses on democratizing AI and Blockchain technologies. He is also a technical advisor to some technology startups. His roles allow him to explore the cutting edge technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Edge Computing, and the Cloud.