How much is your time?

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How much is your time? That is the question you should always ask yourself. Over and over again, we have to know that the most valuable resource in this planet is your time and attention. It’s not just about the title or the money that you have, although they can be really useful instruments for your means but it’s not the ultimate resource.

The whole purpose of life is to find ways to actually make good use of those time. In an ideal world, we’re 100% productive and won’t be even spending the slightest millisecond on things that doesn’t really contribute to your improvement (or the whole world for that matter.)

Value your time, as that’s the only thing that you hold dear and can really control in life. Your decisions, your actions, your reactions, those are the things that are within the bound of your conscious decisions. Stay focused on where you want to spend your time. Don’t get distracted from shiny things that you see from others. Don’t get distracted from what others think - fuck what they think. Think of what you really want - for you and the people you hold dear.

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