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There are so many topics you can talk about in life. There are things that are easily relatable to your actual experience, then there are those that are more abstract, some are just really so random.

Whatever you’re writing or researching, you just have to define who is it for? Maybe it’s for you, maybe it’s for someone else, or maybe no one really has to know. The audience is really for you to work on later.

I’ve been writing for the past 2 years, in order to be more organized with my thoughts and memories. I tend to just trust my brain in the past that I would be able to remember everything. I also thought that I can just contain all the ideas and emotions inside me. Obviously, I was wrong.

So whatever it takes, think of a topic you can talk or write about. Whether it’s in “draft” or something you won’t end up using to an article or blog, that’s fine. What’s important is that you are dedicated with whatever you wanted to do. Don’t let these topics and thoughts to just stay in your head. Let loose, and put that into a content that can be consumed later on.

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