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Taking a nap is something I often forget these past few months because of working from home. I am a serial napper. I am notorious to take a nap anywhere. Even on 5 to 10 minute bus rides, I can still take a micro nap.

This is one of the reasons why I am so energetic both at work and at home before pandemic. I use the pocket of times to either do something that interests me or take this time for a nap. Given that I don’t commute these past few days, I am just in the constant treadmill of work, notifications, and actions that I often forget to take a rest.

I would probably schedule naps in the afternoon so that I can be recharged for the night time when I’m with the family. It’s really about the quality of rest that we have. It was never about how long you sleep. I do remember time and time again, that my whole inspiration to do great work is so that I can take a good rest knowing that I’ve done something.

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