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This past few months with the pandemic and lockdown, I haven’t had a good chance of fixing my hairstyle. I stopped caring about it couple of years ago. From what people have told me, I look best and presentable when I have a shorter hair.

However there is a bigger symbolic reference of haircut on my end. It’s about taking off some of the accumulated baggages that I had for the past few months in order to take more load eventually. I also feel, in general, that I am a little light headed or less stressed by having a short haircut. This is all placebo, I know.

Often because we’re so busy from our work, relationships, and hobbies that we tend to forget personal care. Although this is subjective from person to person, but the concept of brushing your hair, or taking care of your skin, and anything cosmetic; it’s good to take care of yourself once in a while. This is a form of break that you can do so that you’ll have a time “just for yourself” which is again a good thing.

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