The start of my 30s

My 20s is officially over. The last 10 years have been a blast. TLDR: Family Man. Got married and have 2 children. Migrated to Australia (from the Philippines), permanently. Became successful with my career in technology (subjectively). Became self-employed and ventured on businesses. Became more financially literate and avoid debt. Really adopted the “lifelong learner” attitude. Values time as the most scarce resource. Understood more about mental models, principles, and philosophies....

October 2022 · Michael John Peña

My Tech List 2022

Here is a list of all the relevant technology set up that I use personally at work, home, and everything in between. I grouped them on different groups according to function. Nowadays, I tend to be minimalist on what I purchase both on hardware and software, and make sure that I am very intentional with their uses and not because of vanity / impulse buying. Work and Personal Devices Macbook Pro M2 Windows Desktop: 64 GB RAM, i9 CPU, and Nvidia RTX 3080 iPhone 13 mini (Personal) Samsung Galaxy S20 (Work) Apple AirPods Pro Bose Quietcomfort 35 Kindle Papewhite Desk Setup V20 Desk Xiaomi Monitor HP Monitor Dell Docking Taotronics Speaker Multiple charging Bay Webcam USB Spliter Blue Snowball Microphone Playmax Logitech Mouse Logitech Keyboard Desk Thredmill Attached Drawers Development Software Visual Studio Code (and extensions) Visual Studio 2022 (Windows) Jetbrains Rider Docker WSL Terminals: iTerm 2 and Windows Terminal Productivity Software Obsidian Outlook Calendar Mobile Apps I use daily Apple Notes, Reminders, Calendar, and Voice Memos Obsidian and Working Copy Health: Trainerize, Strava, Garmin Connect Audible, 12 Min, Kindle, and Goodreads Banking & Crypto Apps SnoreLab and SnoreGym Life

August 2022 · Michael John Peña

Message to the young

I recently gave a graduation speech to my high school alma matter. Compared to my usual technical talks, this time it’s about inspiring the younger generation and to share some of the key lessons and experiences I’ve had for over 12 years since I graduated. This is also a good reflection of what I will advise my younger self if I am talking to him right now. Below, I summarize my speech that is in a written medium....

July 2021 · Michael John Peña