Personal Workflow System for Knowledge Workers

In the evolving landscape of the digital age, knowledge workers find themselves in need of an effective personal workflow system. To successfully manage the multitude of tasks and projects that come their way, they need a system that helps capture ideas, plan tasks, and execute deliverables efficiently. This piece aims to provide an in-depth exploration of such a system, broken down into three fundamental processes: Capture, Plan, and Execute. Capture: The Birthplace of Innovation Every project or task begins as an idea....

January 2024 · Michael John Peña

My Tech List 2022

Here is a list of all the relevant technology set up that I use personally at work, home, and everything in between. I grouped them on different groups according to function. Nowadays, I tend to be minimalist on what I purchase both on hardware and software, and make sure that I am very intentional with their uses and not because of vanity / impulse buying. Work and Personal Devices Macbook Pro M2 Windows Desktop: 64 GB RAM, i9 CPU, and Nvidia RTX 3080 iPhone 13 mini (Personal) Samsung Galaxy S20 (Work) Apple AirPods Pro Bose Quietcomfort 35 Kindle Papewhite Desk Setup V20 Desk Xiaomi Monitor HP Monitor Dell Docking Taotronics Speaker Multiple charging Bay Webcam USB Spliter Blue Snowball Microphone Playmax Logitech Mouse Logitech Keyboard Desk Thredmill Attached Drawers Development Software Visual Studio Code (and extensions) Visual Studio 2022 (Windows) Jetbrains Rider Docker WSL Terminals: iTerm 2 and Windows Terminal Productivity Software Obsidian Outlook Calendar Mobile Apps I use daily Apple Notes, Reminders, Calendar, and Voice Memos Obsidian and Working Copy Health: Trainerize, Strava, Garmin Connect Audible, 12 Min, Kindle, and Goodreads Banking & Crypto Apps SnoreLab and SnoreGym Life

August 2022 · Michael John Peña

Productive this Pandemic - Accountability Partner

For the longest of time, I would consider myself as the lone wolf at work. Most days, I’d rather stay alone and be in my world to get things done. I found in the past that the effort to collaborate is counterintuitive and would just mean more work for me. Back then, I’d rather do things “my way” than to delegate so that I don’t get disappointed with the results from someone else....

September 2021 · Michael John Peña

Productive this Pandemic - Planning your week ahead

People have asked me lately, how do I do it? Having a full-time consulting company, spending quality time with family, doing groceries, cooking, house errands, taking part at online communities, blogging, journaling, building a house, getting involved to a dozen startups, creating a podcast, reading books, losing weight, and the list goes on. It’s even harder because it’s the pandemic. Most people’s motivation and morale are down right now because of the never ending lockdowns, non-purposeful workplace, fear of missing out, and other negative emotions....

September 2021 · Michael John Peña

How to beat procrastination

One of the colossal beasts that all knowledge workers fight time and time again is procrastination. This is when you know you should work, but you don’t have enough willpower to do it. You can’t code, you can’t do that design document, you can’t write that next blog post… the list goes on. Here are 5 of my usual methods when I’m stuck in that limbo. Avoid Distractions The first and obvious thing that you have to do is to avoid distraction....

January 2021 · Michael John Peña

Digital Intentionalization: Don’t click that next button

It’s very tempting to click on “that next button” wether that is from YouTube, Netflix, Facebook videos or any endless buffet of consumption. You start watching a video about a topic you’re really interested in to and end up watching something weird after 3 hours. As I do more research in my personal journey of Digital Intentionalization, this is probably one of the most obvious ones. We let the platform play the next content....

January 2021 · Michael John Peña

My only goal for 2021: Digital Intentionality

During the holidays, I was contemplating on what skills should I invest time on for 2021. As someone who is working in the technology field, there are a lot of exciting things to double-down on: from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, and a plethora of technology trends. As I reflected on how my 2020 went in terms of career and lifestyle, I noticed that there is an area I really need to work on - my digital life....

January 2021 · Michael John Peña